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Directorate of Child Development

Full Name: Odukoya Olubukola ...................Omodunbi

Designation: Director, Child .....................Development

Department: Child Development

  • The department is saddled with the responsibility of working in the best interest of the child by ensuring that the Rights of children are enforced and they receive adequate care and protection. The Child Rights Law places the age of a child as any person under the age of 18 years. The department is committed to the promotion of healthy growth and development of the child through interrelated programmes on Child Survival, Protection, Development and Participation. The department also collaborates with other stakeholders to ensure effective implementation of the Childs Right Law of Lagos State.

  • In order to actualize these Rights the department is divided into 3 units, namely:
    i.              Child Protection Unit
    ii.             Programmes Unit
    iii.            Institutions

Other Responsibilities of the Department:

i.  The coordination of Childs Rights Implementation committee. The committee is a statutory one that is established by the Child Rights Law. The committee is saddled with the responsibility of working in the best interest of the child by ensuring that the Right of children are enforced.

ii. Coordination of children’s parliament. The parliament is a platform for children to discuss issues that concern them and also influence Government decision towards the advancement of the welfare of the children.

iii. Organizing International Holiday camping for children with outstanding performance in the state.



The unit has the primary and statutory responsibility to prevent and respond to cases of Child Abuse, Violence against children, neglect and exploitation of children. The department  collaborate with International Agencies such as UNICEF in the areas of Child Protection and Development and capacity building of Social Workers and relevant stakeholders.


The unit is responsible for the coordination of statutory programmes of the department. The statutory programmes of the department includes the following:

    Celebration of Children’s Day.
    • Celebration of Day of African Child.
    • Celebration of International Day of the Girl Child.
    • De-worming of School Children.
    • Financial Assistnce For Parents with multiple births.
    • Celebration of Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Day.


    The underlisted Institutions are under the supervision of the department:
    i.              KETU SPECIAL CHILDREN CENTER: This is a home designed to take care of children with special needs such as Children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome and Children with other developmental disabilities. The Home was situated at Ketu Special Children Centre, Ketu but currently in Birrel Avenue, Sabo, Yaba due to the renovation of the buildings in the home. Presently, the home has 38 children in attendance.

    ii.             MOTHERLESS BABIES HOME LEKKI: This is a home that is established with the aim of providing shelter and care for abandoned children and children in need of car and protection in the state between ages of a day old and 5 years. Presently, the home has 85 children in attendance.

    iii.            K. OLUBUKOLA FOWOWE MEMORIAL CHILDREN CENTRE, OKE IRA, OGBA: It is an emergency protection centre that serves as a trnsit home and provide shelter for categories of vulnerable children such as abandoned and neglected babies in need of care and protection as well as in need of shelter. Presently, the home has 18 children in attendance.

    iv.            HOME FOR VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND TRAFFICKED CHILDREN, AYOBO: The home cared for trafficked children, Domestic Violence survivors and currently being managed by Non-Governmental Organization although its being supported by the Government.


  • The coordinating comprehensive care for children (4  Children) is an implemetnting partner to USAID. The Organization is engaged in USAID to help build sustainable structure that will help smooth transition of donor-driven project to the Government at the completion of their project.

the United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) is collaborating with the Ministry in Implementing Child Protection System strengthening aimed at equipping stakeholders with best practices for the protection of children.

the United State Agency for International Development in collaboration with the Ministry is implementing a system strengthening project that targets parents/guardian of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in selected LGAs. The project aims at strengthening the economic capacity of identified vulnerable families who are struggling to make ends meet for infected and affected children with HIV/AIDS. Also, the Better Parenting Curriculum which aim to systematically improve Parenting Knowledge attitude and Skills over the various developmental stages of the child and bring about complete behavioural change by parents, guardian and caregivers.


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